2017 Women of Excellence Luncheon

” I met a lot of professional women who could help me and mentor me in my future STEM career. Mock Trial opens up opportunities for all kinds of students whether they are interested in law, or not,” – Michelle Gonikman

Recently on November 1, 2017, Michelle Gonikman, a senior on Franklin’s Mock Trial team attended the 2017 Women of Excellence Luncheon.

Gonikman attended the luncheon alongside Franklin’s attorney coach  for mock trial, Mrs. Lambert, who is a member and the president-elect of the Executive Alliance – A Catalyst For Women Leaders in Maryland. To read more about Mrs. Lambert and her career, click here. 


Executive Alliance has the mission to accelerate the success and leadership of women through advocacy, education, and mentorship. In doing this, they seek to increase accomplished women’s impact and influence in the community. Their vision and hope is to become a catalyst and authority for issues that effect women in leadership. To read more about Executive Alliance’s mission and vision, click here.

This year, the annual Women of Excellence Luncheon was held at Martin’s West in Baltimore, Maryland. Each year, over one thousand women business leaders come together to network, hear about upcoming opportunities, and bond with leading women who are making a difference.


Not only was Gonikman given the great opportunity to attend this luncheon with Mrs. Lambert, she also had the honor of meeting Dr. Mae C. Jemison, the first woman of color to fly into space (both pictured to the left).

Dr. Jemison flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor in 1992, becoming the first woman of color to fly into space. Since serving NASA as an astronaut for six years, Dr. Jemison has gone on to become a committed global voice for science literacy, an advocate for the improvement of access to education, and the greater inclusion of girls and women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects. Due to her major success, Dr. Jemison has been inducted in the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the International Space Hall of Fame, founded The Earth We Share, The Jemison Group, and BioSentient Corporation and has written a book, Find Where the Wind Goes. To read more about Dr. Mae C. Jemison’s career click here. Dr. Jemison serves as a great role model not only for those interested in science, but for all young women and women of color.

See how you can help form a stronger impact of women in Maryland by checking out Executive Alliance’s website here.

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