Maryland Mock Trial 2017 Case Released

8CBD2F22-CD80-487F-990B-30FC54F3A64ERecently, our Mock Trial team received our case from the Citizenship Law Related Education Program (CLREP) for our Maryland Mock Trial Competition. To read more about CLREP, click here.

Each year the case alternates from civil to criminal. Last year’s case, State of Maryland v. Sam S. Saratoga, which focused on potential lead concentrations in school drinking water and the ailment of a student, was criminal. This year our team will try a civil case.

This year’s case, Slater v. Kapowski, focuses on a car collision in which each driver is accused of acting negligent, careless, and reckless. The plaintiff, A.C. Slater, will argue that the defendant, Kelly Kapowski, was at fault for his/her failure to devote full attention to the road, keep the vehicle under control, and drive in a safe fashion due to the use of a cell phone. Kapowski will argue that Slater was at fault for failure to yield to a red light. Each driver suffered severe physical harm from the crash.

The witnesses for the plaintiff will consist of A.C. Slater (plaintiff), Sam Powers (present in Kelly Kapowski’s car at the time of the collision), and Stacey Carosi (Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with regards to Human Factors).

The witnesses for the defense will consist of Kelly Kapowski (defendant), Officer Belding (observed the scene after the collision), and Zach Morris (another driver on the road during the time of the crash).

Our Mock Trial team can not wait to start our season for Maryland Mock Trial!

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