Duke Moot Court Competition

This weekend 14 Franklin students competed in an international moot court tournament at Duke University. There were a couple of teams there from the American School in Taiwan, and one of our teams had the opportunity of playing them!

In moot court, teams of two students present arguments to a court of college students or lawyers in the style of a Supreme Court and answer questions posed by the “Justices”.

This is one of the biggest moot court tournaments in the nation for high school students and teams have to be selected for participation based on an essay they submit. There were 54 other teams from public and private schools at Duke. We had seven teams of two students. We were tied with a school from Hollywood California (North Hollywood High) for the largest delegation. The teams we sent were:

  • Maddie Ballan and Lexi Taylor
  • Ethan Banks and Rita Rozental
  • Asia Chester and Michelle Gonikman
  • Emily Dioguardo and Jenifer Fridman
  • Scarlett Horn and Mckenzie Patrick
  • Daisy Oberfeld and Jamie Roa
  • Matthew Rubinstein and Jeremy Stein

Our teams competed against teams from around the country and did an extraordinary job. Of our seven teams, 5 advanced to the medal round of 32. Of those 5, 3 advanced to the round of 16, 2 advanced to the round of 8, and the team of Emily Dioguardo and Jen Fridman made the Final Four before being eliminated in the semifinals in a very, very close match against a California school on Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday night, the top ten speakers from the first three rounds of competition were announced and given awards. Lexi Taylor was honored as the 7th best speaker in the competition.

In total our teams won 18 separate matches this weekend-with every team winning at least one. Congratulations to all of our teams who competed, they did an amazing job!

To read about the case our students argued at Duke University, click here.

To see pictures from our competition, click here.

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