Empire Mock Trial Case Summary

In Atlanta, GA our mock trial team will be trying a case in the Empire Mock Trial Southern Showdown Competition. Continue reading for a summary of our case!



Our case takes place in the state of Empirion, a fictional state in the USA, that was colonized by the French. Colonel C. Griffus Michael took control of Empirion, committing  a mass genocide of thousands of the native Empirials. This all took place in the early twentieth century.

Now, in 2018, a statue of Colonel C. Griffus Michael stood in CORE Square of Empirion State University (ESU). After much controversy over the statue, due to the infamous history of the Colonel, a referendum was held that would decide whether or not the statue would continue to stand. The referendum determined that the statue of Colonel Michael would be removed from the college campus.

Harry McCarson, the defendant in our case, was very passionate about Colonel Michael. McCarson was the leader of a group named “Stay True to History” that he created while in college. McCarson was also known for having racist beliefs and attitudes, most notably by using the racial slur “Emp” – used to refer to people with native Empirical descent.

Tommy Abel, represented by the prosecution, was a strong activist for peace and acceptance. Abel was the leader of a group named “Sapphire Means Love.” Abel is of Empirial descent, and twice before they had attacked two people who had used the word “Emp.”

On the night of February 20, 2018 the statue of Colonel C. Griffus Michael was set to be removed by Joey Amber of Trussworthy Construction at 11:00pm. Around 9:45 pm, Harry McCarson, along with other members of Stay True to History, arrived at CORE Square to protest the removal of the statue. Soon after, Tommy Abel arrived at the scene with members of Sapphire Means Love.

Abel and McCarson got into an altercation at the top of the stairs leading up to the statue. McCarson allegedly lifted his megaphone and struck Tommy Abel in the forehead. Abel landed at the bottom of the stairs and was kicked and stomped on by unidentified members of the crowd (though, some believe these were members of Stay True to History under the instruction of McCarson).

Harry McCarson is charged with a hate crime under Section 249 of Article 18 of the United States code. This section says that it is a crime to willfully hurt someone because of their actual, or perceived, race, color, or national origin.

The prosecution may call three of the four following witnesses; Tommy Abel (victim), Washington Key (FBI agent, forensic examiner), Officer Carbowers (Assigned for security for the event), or Joey Amber (Crane operator and previous class-mate of McCarson).

The defense may call three of the four following witnesses; Terry O’Neil (Dean of history at ESU, McCarson’s professor), Earl Ravin (McCarson’s bodyguard), Lee McCarson (parent of Harry McCarson), or Charlie Felder (Private investigator hired by McCarson family).

Our team will try both sides of this case in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of September.

Click here for more information about Empire Mock Trial.

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