Empire Mock Trial Results

A HUGE congratulations to our mock trial team consisting of 13 people that traveled to Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend for our competition.

Our team placed 3rd out of 32 teams in the competition that came from 17 states and 2 countries.

Franklin’s Mock Trial team, for this competition, consisted of Nada Abdalla, Maddie Ballan, Asia Chester, Jacob Epstein, Lily Fleischer, Jenifer Fridman, Elise Glaser, Zach Hermann, Laisha Monteiro, Daisy Oberfeld, Ethan Selko, Jaelen Seriki, and Lexi Taylor.


Our team in front of the CNN sign at CNN center.

They flew down Thursday morning (9/20) from BWI and immediately started with practice in one of the conference rooms in the hotel we stayed in. Later Thursday afternoon, our team had the opportunity to scrimmage Jonesboro High School (GA) and squeezed in some more practice time following.


Our team at Drew Eckl & Farnham LLP on the 35th floor.

Friday our team walked to the law firm of Drew Eckl & Farnham and practiced over an amazing view of downtown Atlanta. Friday night they attended the opening ceremonies at the Georgia World Congress center, and participated in a gift exchange with the other teams.

Saturday our team had their first trial on the defense side of the case, and won both ballots from the jury. After a short lunch break, the team tried the prosecution side of the case and again won both ballots from the jury. The coaches took mock trial members to Waffle House (our favorite restaurant to visit) for dinner, before returning to the hotel to get enough rest for the next day of competition. At the end of day 1 (Saturday) Franklin High School was the second highest ranked team in the entire competition.

Sunday morning our team played the number one ranked team, Jonesboro High School (yes – the team we scrimmaged!) on the prosecution side. Each team received one ballot before moving on to the next trial. Our last match was against Montgomery Bell Academy (TN) and our defense side won both ballots from the jury.


Our captains (Left to right: Asia Chester, Jenifer Fridman, Maddie Ballan, and Lexi Taylor) with our trophy.

Sunday night our team attended the closing ceremonies where awards were handed out to the top 15 witnesses, top 15 attorneys, and top 10 teams. The top competitors were chosen by four factors that were than computed into a score out of 100. Jacob Epstein, who amazingly portrayed our Earl Ravin with a Russian accent, won the 9th best witness award. Nada Abdalla, who portrayed Tommy Abel, won the 3rd best witness award. Our team placed 3rd in the whole competition, and Indian Hill High School (OH) and Jonesboro High School (GA) advanced to the finals.

Our team takes great pride in the work of everyone on our team – attorneys, witnesses, and our members who work behind the scenes who make sure that we play our best game and have all the right materials. None of this would have been possible without amazing students, team work, extreme work ethic, but most importantly – our coaches Mr. Lambert, Mrs. Lambert and Ms. DiSciullo.

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