Maryland Moot Court Competition 2018

Asia Chester, Jen Fridman, Maddie Ballan, Lexi Taylor

This past weekend on November 10, 2018, four of our seniors, Maddie Ballan, Asia Chester, Jenifer Fridman, and Lexi Taylor, competed at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Moot Court Competition. Maddie and Lexi finished in the semifinals round and Asia and Jen won first place!

At this competition, pairs of two create an appellate brief based on a hypothetical case. Competitors then present their oral argument in front of a panel of judges. Maryland Youth & The Law, formerly Citizenship and Law Related Education Program (CLREP) organized this competition. To read more about MYLAW click here.

This year, the case focused on two issues. One addressed a Fourth Amendment seizure issue in which a student’s vehicle was towed from the visitor lot at his high school. The other issue addressed the First Amendment right to free speech where it was argued whether or not someone was a limited purpose public figure.

Maddie Ballan and Asia Chester addressed the Fourth Amendment issue. They had to argue both sides, petitioner and respondent, during the competition.

“Addressing a Fourth Amendment issue was very exciting. Unlike some other cases our team has argued or tried, this was an issue that we could relate to – which made preparing our arguments a bit easier when you can actually picture yourself in someone’s shoes.” – Maddie Ballan

Lexi Taylor and Jenifer Fridman addressed the First Amendment issue. They, too, argued both sides of the case while competing.

Our two teams competed against students from BARD High School Early College, Towson High School, and Rockbridge Academy.

Additionally, our coaches, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert along with their daughter, Michele Lambert, helped plan the 2018 Maryland Moot Court Competition.

Our four seniors were supported by many of our other Mock Trial team members. Not only was it great to see our seniors do an amazing job and have fun, but watching the rest of our team come together to bond and be around each other was very rewarding for the four seniors, who are also the captains of the Mock Trial team.

Moot Court offers students a completely different view of the courtroom. Here, unlike in mock trial (for info on mock trial, click here), students prepare an oral argument and are questioned by the judge as to the basis of that argument. No witnesses are called in this exercise.

Congratulations to our four seniors on their outstanding performance this past weekend. We are now waiting to start the Maryland Mock Trial season!

Check out our gallery with some more pictures from our competition here.

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