Maryland Mock Trial 2018 Case Released

Recently, our Mock Trial team received our case from MYLAW (Maryland Youth and the LAW), formerly known as CLREP) for our Maryland Mock trial Competition.  To read more about MYLAW, click here.


Each year the case alternates from civil to criminal law.  Last year’s case, Slater v. Kapowski, which focused on a collision between two cars, was civil.  This year our team will try a criminal case.

This year’s case, Maryland v. Tannen, focuses on cyber bullying and a subsequent second degree assault.  The prosecution, the state of Maryland, will argue that the defendant, Biff Tannen, committed a criminal act when he posted a mean photo on Instagram about Marty McFly, and when he assaulted McFly in the hallway at school.  Tannen will argue that the post was not cyberbullying, and that the assault was in self defense.

The witnesses for the prosecution will consist of Marty McFly (victim), Caden Heron (witnesses the fight and commented on the Instagram post), and Emmet Brown (doctorate in psychology, treated Marty McFly).

The witnesses for the defense will consist of Biff Tannen (defendant), Regi George (witnesses the fight and saw the Instagram post), and (Sha)Ron Norbury (school counselor).

Our Mock Trial team can not wait to start our season for Maryland Mock Trial!

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