Alex Tamayo


Alex Tamayo was a part of Franklin’s Mock Trial team prior to graduating from Franklin in 2016.

What’s Her Favorite Mock Trial Memory?

“oh gosh I have so many favorite memories. It would have to be any memory that brought the team and I closer, all of the losses that made us thankful for the wins. I specifically remember our loss at the state finals my junior year. That is probably one of my favorite memories because even though we loss, we grew stronger for it” – Alex 

How has Mock Trial Helped Her?

“Mock trial has helped me with EVERYTHING in my life. I’m a confident public speaker, I am not afraid of anything, It instilled me with a sense of confidence” – Alex

What’s She Doing Now?

Alex goes to Towson and is studying sociology major with a communication studies minor

What Are Her Plans for the Future?

Her plans for the future is to graduate from Towson, and then attend law school. Her goal is to go to Georgetown.

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