Emily Dioguardo


Emily Dioguardo was a part of Franklin’s Mock Trial team and participated in Moot Court prior to graduating in 2018.

What’s Her Favorite Mock Trial Memory?

“My favorite memory is traveling to Atlanta for the Empire Mock Trial Tournament and experiencing a new, incredible experience with all of my teammates. :)” – Emily

What has Mock Trial Helped Her With?

“Mock trial helped me find my voice. I am now able to speak confidently in any situation I come across. Additionally, I learned the importance of hard work and tenacity; the best things in life are earned.” – Emily

What is She Doing Now?

“I do not currently have a major but I am in the Pitt guaranteed law program (essentially, if I maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA and do well on the LSATs I can officially take the seat I earned in Pitt Law School)” – Emily

What are Her Plans for the Future?

“I plan on graduating from Pitt and then attending law school. I hope to become an attorney and then, someday, a judge.” – Emily

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