Sydney Gaskins


Sydney Gaskins was a part of Franklin’s Mock Trial team prior to graduating from Franklin in 2016.

What’s Her Favorite Mock Trial Memory?

My favorite memory of high school mock trial was competing in the final round at the State Championships.”  -Sydney Gaskins 

How has Mock Trial Helped Her?

“High School Mock Trial helped me develop my voice, style, and poise. Going into college I had a strong foundation of experience which enabled me to be more successful than I would have been otherwise. I was the only freshman attorney on both sides of the case, the only freshman attorney giving a closing, and the only attorney period on my team who was winning awards consistently. I’ve broken two records and I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today in college mock trial without my high school coaches.” – Sydney

What’s She Doing Now?

Sydney is studying political science at the University of Baltimore County.

What Are Her Plans for the Future?

“I plan on going to law school and owning a puppy.” – McKenna

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