Emily Myers


Emily Myers was a part of Franklin’s Mock Trial team and participated in Moot Court prior to graduating in 2015.

What’s Her Favorite Mock Trial Memory?

“My junior year, me and a good friend of mine were both expert witnesses, neurosurgeons. I remember two separate occasions from separate competitions during voir dire when we were asked pretty specific medical questions that neither of us knew the actual answer to. However, because the answer to these medical questions wasn’t actually anywhere in the case packet, we both just made up plausible answers on the spot without missing a beat. She was a fantastic expert witness who did a really great job of explaining all of these complicated medical things clearly, and just working with each other and trying to learn from each other throughout the year and the case was great.” – Emily

What has Mock Trial Helped Her With?

“Mock trial has helped me immensely. Practically, being on the mock trial and moot court teams also gave me the chance to practice understanding and constructing legal arguments, which is a really useful skill when it comes to reading and making arguments in my papers and classes. I am also a much better public speaker and presenter. Academically and professionally, I have been complimented on my ability to speak clearly and confidently on the topic of my presentation without reading from my notes or my slides, and I have no doubt that I learned this skill from mock trial. Public speaking and presenting still makes me nervous, the help of Mr. and Mrs. Lambert and my teammates gave me invaluable practice in overcoming that fear and communicating clearly. This speaks to the wider lessons I learned from mock trial- that I have a voice, I am capable of expressing myself meaningfully, and what I say matters.” – Emily

What is She Doing Now?


Emily is currently in her third year at American University and plans to graduate this year, majoring in International Studies, with a focus on Eurasia, global governance, and U.S. foreign policy. She is currently studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium because of its unique supranational character. While in the Europe, Emily had the opportunity to attend a hearing at the Court of Justice of the European Union for a reference for preliminary ruling. Pictured to the right is Emily in the Court of Justice of the European Union lobby.

What are Her Plans for the Future?

Emily is planning to finish her year abroad and graduate in May of 2018! She plans to later attend law school, possibly with a concentration in international law. Mock Trial and Moot Court shaped Emily’s undergraduate career and interested her in the law and legal profession.