Melissa Eisgrau


Melissa Eisgrau graduated from Franklin High School in 2015 and participated in Mock Trial and Moot Court during her high school years.

What’s Her Favorite Mock Trial Memory?

“My favorite mock trial memory happened the day after we came back from the Duke Moot Court Competition. I had competed all weekend with my partner, Ellie. I think we ended up placing something like 9th or 8th. But anyways, that Monday was our next mock trial competition. We were competing against Park. I didn’t plan on going to school that day since I wasn’t on that side and I was exhausted from the weekend. At about 7:30, Mr. Lambert called my cell phone. He told me that the attorney that was supposed to compete and do the opening statement that afternoon was not going to be able to compete. I spent all day with Mrs. Lambert (she didn’t go to work that day) creating an opening statement and learning a new direct and cross examination. I distinctly remember  one point I was slumped over the table, taking a break, and Mr. Lambert came to check on how we were doing and being so confused about why I was sleeping. We did not end up winning the round, it was very close, but I was so proud of how hard all six of us worked. One of the judges came up to me afterwards and told me someone had just told him I was a substitute and he was shocked. He said that when he heard my opening, he thought it was already over and we had won. Afterwards, Mr. Lambert told me that I was amongst the legends.” – Melissa

What’s She Doing Now?

IMG_3621Melissa currently attends Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a junior Political Science and History major. Last summer, Melissa went on a solo backpacking trip across Europe and visited Bratislava, Slovakia, Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, the John Lennon Wall- where she spray pained her name on the wall- Prague, Czech Republic, Mykonos, Greece, and Rome, Italy. Pictured right is Melissa in front of the Pantheon in Rome.

What are Her Plans for the Future?

After graduating from college, Melissa plans on applying for research grants. She hopes to research Ukranian nationalism in Kiev. After that, Melissa is thinking about applying to law school or graduate school.