PK Law

Pessin Katz Law (PK Law), located in Towson, Columbia, and Bel Air Maryland, is our team’s home away from home. Our attorney coach, Mrs. Patricia Lambert, practices law at PK Law, and allows the mock trial team to practice there too!

When Franklin High is not open for our team to practice at, team members head up to PK Law in Towson, Maryland for weekend practices!


PK Law offers a variety of services, as they practice law in the areas of Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Institutions, Insurers, Individuals, and Industries. For more information on these topics, check out the specific practice areas at PK Law here.

PK Law and Mrs. Lambert help provide a more than exceptional environment for our students to practice. While the location provides students with a real-life experience at one of Baltimore’s best and largest law firms, it is their motto that makes PK Law the perfect place for our students to practice.

“You’d expect one of the largest law firms in Baltimore to have experienced attorneys, prominent clients and an impressive list of awards. We do. But if you expect more,take a look.” – PK Law

This motto teaches students to do their best, and exceed the expectations given to us not only by other schools, but by the judges in which our Mock Trial team tries their case in front of.

But, neither the environment or motto would be available to students without our attorney coach, Mrs. Lambert.


Mrs. Lambert, who coaches and travels with our team, is a major inspiration and influence on our high school student Mock Trial members.

Mrs. Lambert has been practicing law in the areas of commercial litigation, general litigation, insurance law, along with petroleum, oil and gas, for over thirty five years.

She has, for Fortune 500 Companies, worked on national class actions, significant litigation and regulatory matters. For more on Mrs. Lambert’s career and profession as a lawyer, click here.

Mrs. Lambert is a highly praised lawyer in Maryland, but is most importantly an excellent role model for students on our team. She has worked with students, as attorneys and witnesses, and has helped them become the best version of themselves possible. One of the most motivational and important ideas she has taught students on our team is that, “if you try to be perfect, you will never be good.”

Pessin Katz Law, along with Mrs. Lambert, provide an amazing environment for our students to practice in and is crucial to the success of our team. We are more than lucky to have such an outstanding attorney coach and law firm to practice with.


All of the above information has been extracted from the PK Law website. To visit their website, click here.